Visual Snow Vision Syndrome

Symptoms Of Visual Snow

New diseases and new syndromes are constantly being discovered in the world. Thus, a syndrome was recently discovered that represents a chronic condition for 2% to 3% of people in the world, namely visual snow vision syndrome.

Scientists have not yet determined why this syndrome occurs. For now, it is thought to be related to the part of the brain that processes images. People who have this syndrome often have problems with migraines and anxiety. In people with this syndrome, the “snow” they see can be colorful, it can be transparent, and it can be black and white.

Visual Snow Vision

Symptoms of visual snow can be different. Some people are hypersensitive to light, some have night vision problems, they can see snow everywhere they look both when their eyes are open and when they are closed and many others. People who have this syndrome often have difficulty sleeping, have ringing or buzzing in the ears, have a feeling of irritability and depression, often feel dizzy, have a feeling that they are not connected to themselves. Scientists’ assumptions are that this syndrome occurs because certain parts of the brain are hyperactive. That’s why there is still no specific way to treat this syndrome, but mostly drugs are suggested for the treatment of mental health.

If you notice that you have any or most of these symptoms, visit an optometry center where optometry experts can find out if you have visual snow vision syndrome. Here, they will help you alleviate the symptoms that this syndrome causes and have much less trouble.