Elements Used by Rappers in Their Music

Topics That Rappers Write About

Rap is a musical genre that developed during the 1970s in New York. This is a type of music that originates from African American culture. Since the name of this genre is rap, the artists who perform this type of music are rappers.

Every music has its own elements that make it stand out and make that type of music popular. Thus, rap has key elements such as speech, rhymes and rhythm. Not everyone can perform this type of music. It is very important for the performer to be a great lyricist, to be able to describe through rhymes the topic he wants to say something about. In addition, he must have the right background beat music to give rhythm and energy to his songs.


Every performer of this genre uses his verbal skills to express his thoughts, his emotions, his experiences. This is achieved by performing rhythmic speech. It is very important that the lyrics are spoken very clearly, because they are spoken very quickly and the audience needs to understand every verse of the song. That’s why rappers are known for their skills in writing and delivering beats. In addition, they have the ability to convey powerful messages through their lyrics.

Rap music mainly explores social issues, urban life, politics, as well as various entertainment topics. This type of music has different genres that were created under the influence of different cultures.

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