Perfectly Sweet Desserts

Simple Dessert Recipe

Who does not want to eat cookies and enjoy homemade apple pies, right? If you exercise daily, and you take care of your diet, then you can allow yourself to eat sweets, occasionally. You need to be moderate in everything you do, and as long as you have balanced nutrition, you can eat almost everything! In this article, we want to share with you some of the most delicious and quick recipes that you can use to make after lunch delicacy.

At, you can find delicious food recipes, and all of them require none or a little bit of baking time. These recipes are created, so you can make quick and easy pies, cookies, and other things. For this recipe, you will just need old bread, egg, and a cup of granulated white and brown sugar. In one plate mix the egg and white sugar, until sugar is entirely melted. Preheat the pan, coat it with butter and then dip the old slice of bread into the mixture, be sure that it is soaking wet, and put it in the pan. Make sure to use none sticking pan. Once the one side of the bread is crispy, turn over, and let it fry until done. When it is still hot, coat the slice of bread into granulated brown sugar. And it is done! If you want to be extra, then you can add whipped cream, some berries, honey, or Maple syrup. You can make this recipe literally whenever you want, and modify it to fit your ingredient list.